Here’s what I know for certain...

most of us are busy building our lives layer upon layer around two deep seeded fears:

we are not enough + there is something inherently wrong with us.  

We think that if we can just accomplish enough, do enough, prove enough that we will begin to believe it ourselves.   But this not-enoughness is actually the foundation upon which our whole house of cards has been built and, unfortunately, what the major religious institutions seem to strangely reinforce despite the fact that their own voices of wisdom say otherwise.   

It’s time for an ontological system update whereby we could once more (or at last finally) realize we are enough, that we have what we need to evolve.  That we really don’t need to spend our lives running around chasing everything, and that includes our own ever elusive "best" and "perfect" spiritual versions of ourselves.  French paleontologist and priest, Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) had some revolutionary ideas:  a converging evolution, a theology that included cosmology, and radical hope for the future of humanity.    Through Teilhard's lens, the incarnational message can at long last be restored as a blueprint to reality, reminding us that

...the goal isn’t to become less human, but more fully human; that the more human we become, the more we will recognize divinity within and all around every facet of our so called "ordinary" existence.


My Story

If you are like me, among the first wave of millennials who happens to have had a history of Christian evangelical upbringing followed by the reactionary rebellion against said religious paradigm, the conversation around Christianity may seem like a closed book.  I certainly wondered if that was the case at multiple junctures in my life. 

At first I thought this spiritual exodus into the “wilderness” of being a mystically inclined contemplative sort-of-christian/religiously-none misfit was my own odd journey,

but over time I have come to realize that there is a pattern at play, a pattern within my generation too great to be ignored.    What I am beginning to see is that more and more (if not most) of us are leaving the church and following an intuition—an inner compass that is pulling us like a magnet away from what has become constrictive, narrow, and exclusive belief system and toward the promise of a more spacious spiritual expanse, one capable of being as dynamically inclusive as the universe itself. 

So...What does it mean to search for God now that the containers and language for that have become less concrete?

How do i continue to evolve and deepen?  And most importantly...

How do I stop getting stuck in my own shit?

Are there any parts of Christianity that can be rescued and "reframed" and become helpful in our lives? 

These are the kinds of questions I will explore on this blog while hopefully elucidating what some of my favorite mystics,  Teilhard primary among them, have to say about about becoming "anthropos," fully human.  

Frankly, I don’t want to live my life trying to flee my humanity in striving to be saved from it.  I want to learn how to become more human

  I want to live as a passionately alive and loving human being that is deeply and inextricably intertwined with all reality, sensing the unity through the differentiation and living from that kind of oneness that doesn’t collapse differences.  I want to live a creative life knowing that I am quantumly entangled in this cosmos, and conscious that my choices have ripple effects in this world that can act to advance hope for this world, or destroy it.    I want to live from the collective hope of a humanity that is finally awakening to its full potential.  A humanity that is... 

 ...becoming ultra human.  



Gabrielle (Brie) Stoner, is a writer and musician as well as a recent graduate of the Living School for Action and Contemplation.  Besides contributing to the Center for Spiritual Resources and Contemplative Wisdom blog, her work includes published records as well as the production and composition of the soundtracks for the NOOMA series featuring Rob Bell. She is the mother of two young boys and lives in Grand Rapids, MI.